Moochie Pooch Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from our clients with images of the pet's I look after, please read through them.
If you would like to use any of our services or would just like some more information please feel free to contact me.
  Layla has been so helpfull in getting Shelby back to her best again.
  When you first met her she wouldn't go out side and hardly moved, she always looked so sad but
  now she is full of life again and happier than she has ever been.
  Thank you so much from the bottom of all our hearts.
  Mr and Mrs Timble of Knaresborough
  I am just writing this small note to thank you for all the hard work you have done helping me to
  train my pup, she is very well behaved now and has even stopped chewing everything she see's.
  Once again thank you and I hope we are able to keep you in tara's life for a long time.
  Thank you
  Mrs Walters of Bilton
  Layla is a such a gem, she and Hamish have really bonded.
  He loves her and always knows when she is outside, his walk with her is the highlight of his day.
  Layla is caring, reliable and very flexable.
  Mrs Hynes from Harrogate
  Branston and Mouse
  Branston and Mouse love going out on their walks with Layla.
  They are always happy to see her and come home tired out and ready for a snozze.
  Mr and Mrs Spencer of Harrogate
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